Why I Cut My Hair with Child’s Safety Scissors

On the first of this year I sat in front of my mirror and cut my own hair. I cut off quite a few inches, with the finished result being a modern bob type style. Now it isn’t the length itself that was so crazy- back in high school I had a pixie cut- but rather that I did it, and the ‘why.’

For so long, and even still, I have wanted long, wavy, mermaid hair. As my hair began to grow longer I began to hide behind my hair, using it as a shield. Also I wasn’t even really doing anything with it to improve how I felt about myself. It was either in a bun or poorly brushed and I was out the door. Besides the physicality of hair, or anything else directly related to it, I felt like I had been stagnant and unchanging.

blog before hair

Artistically and mentally 2017 was a really rough year for me. I felt like I was failing or backpedaling, certainly not moving forward, no matter what it was that I did. I felt like I had lost control over every aspect of my life. So, naturally, I decided to take control of my hair. I cut it off to feel that small amount of control back in my life, and to ensure I wasn’t bringing in 2018 in the same way I left 2017.

blog after hair

The same gets tiring. That’s why I’m going to do something crazy(at least for me) once a month, at the minimum. If you have any ideas for future shenanigans don’t hesitate to leave a comment or message me.


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