Promises to Myself


Forming long lasting habits has never been something that has come easily to me. Yet I love giving myself self improvement goals. I’ll spend time on Pinterest poring over all these how-to guides for being your best self, or losing weight, eating healthier. And with all of those articles and guides I’ll find myself making goals- most of them are much to difficult to attain.

So here I am a month into February and all of my new years goals have all since ended. Obviously the way I had been doing things had not been working. Yet, I’m not sure how else I’m supposed to go about change. I feel like every month it’s a new “New Me” deal, and it only lasts until I burn out and lose motivation, only for me to find motivation the next month and repeat the cycle.

I’ve read about people making contracts with themselves, and if it isn’t followed through they have do something they hate, or donate to a cause they don’t stand behind as the motivation to stick to it.

I don’t think I’m that ready to go quite that far, but rather than make arbitrary goals for myself I am going to make promises to myself. Promises hold more weight than goals. Some of my promises will include dietary changes and overall health and lifestyle changes. I’m not expecting it to be a totally linear process, but to start seeing positive improvement is really the most important thing, along with persistence.

Here’s to the last, and hopefully, best month of my being nineteen.


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