Ethical Consumption in the Modern Age(ECMA)

When Blackfish was released in 2013 it created a mass uproar and sparked a multitude of conversations about the conditions in which wild animals were kept in captivity. Yet there are still SeaWorld parks in operation and they still house these wild animals. If you look at their site they have a huge push towards the good work they do for marine life but as I sit here watching Blackfish for the first time I can’t help but feel that it’s all BS.

That’s why I want to add a new category to my blog: Ethical Consumption in the Modern Age or ECMA as it will be in the tags.

I can’t bear the thought of being a contributor to the senseless violence that blind consumerism brings to the world around us. We only have one earth and it is filled with wondrous things.

I understand that in our modern life it is extremely engrained in patterns and conveniences, and I am striving to form a community that will enable small changes in our everyday life that positively impacts the big picture.

I want this community to grow in terms of places (like SeaWorld) to avoid, ethical food purchasing (in a way that is affordable), good companies to buy from, growing your own food, or other small things that we can all start doing today. In cases that require an explanation I will certainly provide one. I believe that being aware and conscientious of protecting our environment belongs to one group of people who believe a certain way. We all live on this planet and so do hundreds of thousands of other species that also deserve to live their lives on this planet.



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