Going Back to School


It’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged anything, but my job got hectic and I got busy and neglected to post. However, I am not going to let that be an excuse anymore and look forward to get back into posting regularly.

This August I am going back to school. I am really excited to do so, though, the closer it gets to the 20th the more I find my nervousness creeping up. It’s been two years since I’ve been a student in a classroom setting, and though I know these past two years have been full of incredible learning. I know that two years without being in a classroom will be an adjustment.

It took me two years to decide going to college was the right choice for me, and though most of my colleagues are going into their junior years I don’t have any regrets in that decision to wait.

Two years ago I was tired of school. I was tired of the expectation from adults that I had to go to college right away. I was daunted by the applications and FAFSA and all the change and effort that goes into starting a successful college career. In high school I was doing the bare minimum to get by, as I never truly needed to exert myself in order to be doing well. I also had a naive notion that once I graduated high school I could work a crappy job but all my creative endeavors would have an instant pay off. To which I quickly learned was not the case.

Taking two years was a necessary step for me. I have always been one that has their head in the clouds. I can’t help but be day dreaming constantly. And though I love dreaming, it has left me a bit lacking in the reality department. If I’ve learned anything these past two years it’s that success is not instant, and it certainly helps to find opportunities that will water you; allowing you to grow.

However, I realize that without that two year hiatus I never would’ve learned that lesson and I would have not taken college seriously. I would have skipped classes or continued with my high school mantra of bare minimum.

This two years has changed me in positive ways when it comes to education. I am beyond excited to start my classes and I’ll be going into this school year with a strong resolve and determination for learning.

This post is not to sway anyone to take a gap year (or two) before going to college, but rather just to remind everyone that there is no time limit to doing things. Or there is no right or wrong way to achieve education.


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