Legit Journals

This post is not sponsored, however if it could be that would be pretty cool…. I’m broke always.

Legit Journals

Though there is convenience and permanence in writing online I have to write everything down, pen to paper, before it ever reaches the keyboard. There is a magic in physical writing and my ideas tend to flow much more organically when I am writing versus typing.

I absolutely love journal shopping. Target, online, local stores, Barnes and Noble; you name it, I am looking at their stock in journals. I love Moleskin journals as they have such a clean look. The pages are quality and, let’s be real, they are just so aesthetic. However, the price. $20 for paper where most of what’s written inside it is going to be scratched out and revised? As much as I would love to be able to spend that much on a single journal that just isn’t cost effective for me.

I needed a journal for writing stories, poetry, or content of that nature. For bullet journaling I wouldn’t use since it is regular lined paper, nor sketching, or school(which I stick with the $1 notebooks).

I like things that are inspiring and interesting and when I found a company that is exactly that and also environmentally friendly, or at least as environmentally friendly as you could be in the paper industry, I was ecstatic.


I found the Decomposition books. They each have a fun and original design by Michael Roger. Each of the notebooks or composition books is made with recycled paper. I bought three at Target, however they do have a direct online site; which you should check out at: https://decomposition.com



I love each of these covers (especially the astronaut cats) and I can’t wait to fill them with stories. I bought these for $6 each.


What are your favorite journals or pens? Let me know in a comment down below. 🙂

Thanks for Reading


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