Netflix’s Binge-worthy Horror: The Haunting of Hill House

Netflix's Newest Bingeworthy Horror

October. A month full of spookiness and fright. Pumpkins and ghosts all gather ‘round this time of year. It’s spooky season, and we have so many movies and shows that will keep us awake for days.

I a self-proclaimed scaredy cats. Even jumpscares that everyone else will see coming, still manage to scare me. I get paranoid when I watch too many episodes of Criminal Minds, throw in the supernatural and I am done for. So, we can say I am not quite caught up with watching all the new scary movies. However, when I saw that Netflix had a new original series released called The Haunting of Hill House, I decided to give it a go.

The Haunting of Hill House official poster. Copyright @Netflix


I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I began watching the show. Other than knowing it was a horror movie, presumably about a haunting at a house known by Hill House, I wasn’t sure about story line or characters or anything. I went into this with zero expectations.

Immediately you are taken into a world full of ghosts and fear.

The first episode opens as many horror movies do. The perfect and happy family moves into a large and ominous house that it so obviously haunted. The family, known as the Crains is made of loving parents who buy houses to flip and sell. They have five children, two of whom are twins. Even by the first few nights of their stay the youngest, the twins, begin to learn of the haunted nature of Hill House.

The events that occurred in the summer the Crains habited Hill House is juxtaposed with the story line of the family in their adult lives since escaping. At first I thought they had made a huge mistake; now I know who escapes the house, but it did not take long for me to realize just how wrong I was.

The Crain family. Copyright @Netflix

They are still a haunted family. Both by the past and in the present. Though they escaped the house they did not escape the ghosts and fear. It follows them around, which brings an added element to the fear while watching. It draws you into their lives and the show does well with developing the characters. Though they may try to live their lives as well-adjusted as possible, their connection to the house remains.

I have finished the entire season and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The first night I binge watched a few episodes and I was so scared I couldn’t bring myself to turn of the living room light and I practically ran to my bedroom. In the later episodes there were some scenes that blew my mind. With each episode at an hour long Netflix has outdone themselves with a great piece of Halloween fright.

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