5 Ways to Reduce Plastic Usage

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Plastic is one of the most life changing inventions of the modern age. Though you wouldn’t think it could compete with a Tesla being flown into space it has permeated through into every aspect of our existence.

From grocery shopping to makeup, toys to eating out our lives are consumed by plastic. Life has been made more convenient by the introduction of plastic into our lives. Yet, according to National Geographic more than 40% of plastic is only single use and will be thrown into the trash. Though we throw it away plastic will not only end up in landfills, it will also end up in the ocean; killing sea life and washing onto otherwise untouched and pristine beaches.

If you would like to read more about the journey of plastic read this article(and I highly recommend it):



With all of this in mind there is surely something that every single person can do to reduce their use of single use plastic. Every one of the ways that I will list is simple and easy.


  • Buy reusable water bottles and coffee cups.

I have never been to a coffee shop where they have refused to fill up my water bottle, or they have refused to make the drink in one of my reusable cups. Some places even offer a discount for bringing in reusable cups. Investing into a few durable and reusable cups will bring down your single use plastic, especially if you are used to buying cases of bottled water.

If you are in an area where your tap water is not so great there are filters you can attach to the faucet, or even water bottles that have a filter. My favorite water bottle is my Yeti. I don’t use any other water bottle as it is durable and keeps my water cold.


  • Buy reusable grocery bags or use paper bags

Annual plastic bag usage in Denmark is averaging at about four bags per resident, American shoppers are using about 365 per resident in a year. That statistic can be brought down if we use reusable bags, or even opt for the paper option, which can then be recycled.

Many times the reusable bags offered at stores are cost effective and can be quickly accumulated, eliminating the need for plastic bags altogether. Be sure to keep at least a few bags in your car should you ever need to make a surprise visit to a store.

  • No more straws!

Though they are small they are extremely detrimental to the environment. Skip the straw, or if you really can’t go without invest in some reusable stainless steel straws that will last for years instead of once.


  • Instead of plastic wrap and plastic produce bags opt for more eco friendly options.

Even when buying fresh foods we still end up using plastic to carry it. Instead of using the plastic bags found in the produce section opt for reusable mesh or muslin bags to store your produce.

Plastic wrap has undoubtedly made life easier, though it is still another single use item. Rather than go through sheets and sheets of it think about using a beeswax alternative. It creates a seal around the bowl, fruit, or whatever to keep it fresh. This product is reusable, but does have an end to its usable life. Instead of needing to be thrown away you can compost it or use it as a fire starter.



  • Try to avoid buying food products and household items that are stored in plastic containers.

Even the foods we buy are not without the use of plastic. From meat to cookies it’s all stored in a thin sheet of plastic. Instead of buying these unsustainable products go for products stored in boxes that can be recycled and are able to break down. When it comes to drinks go for glass bottles or drink mixes that will have a much longer life and plastic bottles.

Even household items such as laundry detergent can be stored in plastic. Again go for boxed goods instead. Or if you are into the diy scene pinterest has a multitude of recipes where you can create your own household goods.


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Ethical Consumption in the Modern Age(ECMA)

When Blackfish was released in 2013 it created a mass uproar and sparked a multitude of conversations about the conditions in which wild animals were kept in captivity. Yet there are still SeaWorld parks in operation and they still house these wild animals. If you look at their site they have a huge push towards the good work they do for marine life but as I sit here watching Blackfish for the first time I can’t help but feel that it’s all BS.

That’s why I want to add a new category to my blog: Ethical Consumption in the Modern Age or ECMA as it will be in the tags.

I can’t bear the thought of being a contributor to the senseless violence that blind consumerism brings to the world around us. We only have one earth and it is filled with wondrous things.

I understand that in our modern life it is extremely engrained in patterns and conveniences, and I am striving to form a community that will enable small changes in our everyday life that positively impacts the big picture.

I want this community to grow in terms of places (like SeaWorld) to avoid, ethical food purchasing (in a way that is affordable), good companies to buy from, growing your own food, or other small things that we can all start doing today. In cases that require an explanation I will certainly provide one. I believe that being aware and conscientious of protecting our environment belongs to one group of people who believe a certain way. We all live on this planet and so do hundreds of thousands of other species that also deserve to live their lives on this planet.