Fall Fun: A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Fall Fun

Fall and specifically the month of Halloween are certainly improved by pumpkins. I am not a pumpkin fanatic, but I do enjoy the seasonal decor and pumpkin food. I also finally got to check off one more item from my fall bucket list

There have been pumpkins on sale at all of my local grocery stores for awhile, but what fun is that when I am lucky enough to live by multiple farms that have pumpkin patches every year. This year I went to Tigges Farm, which has a family friendly atmosphere and an abundance of pumpkins.

If you are in the Greeley area I highly recommend taking a trip here! They do have more produce than just pumpkins, but naturally that is there biggest draw at this time of year.

They had a variety of different pumpkins; pie pumpkins, carving pumpkins, decorative pumpkins that looked to small to be real, but somehow were.

This year I only got one pumpkin to carve, one pie pumpkin, and the rest were two small to carve, so we painted them with watercolor based paints instead. The watercolor is nontoxic, and as long as you allowed the paint to dry before painting a second coat it covered the pumpkins wonderfully.

There was walking involved, however, they did have free hay rides to from their shop down to the patch. It was a warm day and there were a lot of people out visiting the farm. Their atmosphere was fun, family friendly, and vintage. If you are in the need for some seasonal family pictures this would be a great place to go.


I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and thank you for stopping by 🙂

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Fall Bucket List

With fall starting I have been itching to jump into my sweaters and sit by a roaring fire with a hot cup of cocoa and reading a good book. Here in Colorado it is still routinely hitting the 80s and 90s but I am prepared for when the temperatures finally drop. Feel free to join me on my magical fall journey!

Fall Wish List

Spring Bucket List

Right now we are only three days away from the first day of spring, and I am rather excited. Living in Colorado I see more than my fair share of the snow and spend most of the winter bundled in as many layers as I can manage.

But with March 20th quickly approaching I can finally get into a spring state of mind. Yet, I didn’t want 2018 to roll out exactly like last year when I let spring completely pass me by, so I have created a Spring Bucket List and I invite you to join me.

2018 Spring Bucket List

*Side note: If you would like to feed ducks please do not feed them bread; instead you can get duck pellets from a pet store, or any variety of birdseed. You can also feed them leafy greens(in small pieces) or oats.

Sunday Adventures

Here in Colorado we have had a round of sad, cold weather.

With the beginning of March we have finally begun to have spring-like weather. This Sunday my best friend and I went out on a mini adventure. What started off as a walk around the park turned into a walk all over Greeley.


Starting at 10th street we ended up on A street; which is the location of Island Grove Park. We stumbled across a home and garden event, which was complete with vendors from the community and food trucks.

I love mini adventures as is it is a constant reminder that even in the places we are most comfortable or feel bored in, there is always something new. Something interesting, or at the very least new memories and experiences.

Perhaps the rest of the week I’ll only be at home and work and I won’t trek from one end of Greeley to the other, but I was able to get out today and enjoy the moments of today.


Finding Culture Where I Am

If you’ve ever lived in Colorado no doubt you’ve heard of Greeley. And I’m sure the things you have heard about how badly it smells or how terrible it is.

Yet that is a disservice to the small city. It is also at a disadvantage in location; it is an hour north of Denver, 40 minutes south of Fort Collins and a short drive to Loveland. All three are much higher income areas than Greeley and thus Greeley is stuck with the piteous reputation.

Even when I had first moved here in May of 2016 I was not happy about it. Everything I had heard about Greeley was sad and dismal, and I’ll admit for awhile I believed it. It wasn’t until I moved closer to the university last year that I allowed myself the gift of opening my eyes to the reality of Greeley. No it is no New York City or Memphis, but it is not without its own culture and surprises.

Downtown Greeley is full of small shops and restaurants, and one of my favorite ways to spend a warm morning or afternoon is to walk around and find new places to frequent.

This morning I went to Cranford’s Tea Place and ate a sandwich that I really believe was as large as my head, and of course I had a cup of chai to accompany it.

Why I Cut My Hair with Child’s Safety Scissors

On the first of this year I sat in front of my mirror and cut my own hair. I cut off quite a few inches, with the finished result being a modern bob type style. Now it isn’t the length itself that was so crazy- back in high school I had a pixie cut- but rather that I did it, and the ‘why.’

For so long, and even still, I have wanted long, wavy, mermaid hair. As my hair began to grow longer I began to hide behind my hair, using it as a shield. Also I wasn’t even really doing anything with it to improve how I felt about myself. It was either in a bun or poorly brushed and I was out the door. Besides the physicality of hair, or anything else directly related to it, I felt like I had been stagnant and unchanging.

blog before hair

Artistically and mentally 2017 was a really rough year for me. I felt like I was failing or backpedaling, certainly not moving forward, no matter what it was that I did. I felt like I had lost control over every aspect of my life. So, naturally, I decided to take control of my hair. I cut it off to feel that small amount of control back in my life, and to ensure I wasn’t bringing in 2018 in the same way I left 2017.

blog after hair

The same gets tiring. That’s why I’m going to do something crazy(at least for me) once a month, at the minimum. If you have any ideas for future shenanigans don’t hesitate to leave a comment or message me.