DIY Creating a micro-camper

I know of very few people who are perfectly content without ever traveling. I am not one of those people. One part of me wants to live like a nomad, ending up wherever the wind takes me.

Though I don’t think I could seriously live like that; the sentiment is still there. I want to see the rest of the world. Yet, we all have to start somewhere and I am starting with the US. I think one of the biggest deterrents for myself when looking to travel is the cost. Even with an Airbnb, a place to stay is a huge cost.

Recently my partner and I had the opportunity to buy a minivan for under $200. We jumped at the chance to take it and turn it into a micro camper (a trend that is already running wild on Pinterest.)

Here we are picking it up and giving it a jump.

We have a lot of work but I am excited to have a summer project and keep everyone updated on the work we put into it, and of course the places it takes us!


Spring Bucket List

Right now we are only three days away from the first day of spring, and I am rather excited. Living in Colorado I see more than my fair share of the snow and spend most of the winter bundled in as many layers as I can manage.

But with March 20th quickly approaching I can finally get into a spring state of mind. Yet, I didn’t want 2018 to roll out exactly like last year when I let spring completely pass me by, so I have created a Spring Bucket List and I invite you to join me.

2018 Spring Bucket List

*Side note: If you would like to feed ducks please do not feed them bread; instead you can get duck pellets from a pet store, or any variety of birdseed. You can also feed them leafy greens(in small pieces) or oats.